Why did we start Synega?

Synega was started because several of us previously ran companies in other
industries and found that the services we bought, were old-fashioned and not
customer-friendly. The invoices we received were not very detailed
and varied greatly from month to month.

An office for the future

At first we all sat in a regular office, but the desire for freedom and to build
something better, quickly led us to the idea:

“Why can’t everything be done online?”

The challenges with today's IT systems

When we first decided to move everything online, we quickly came to the conclusion that we required a new IT system. We then spent several months researching the best systems. The problem was, most of the existing systems were made for companies that were rigid and were set up for traditional companies, with physical offices. To complicate things further, it was also apparent that we would have to use 8-10 systems from different suppliers, to fulfil our extensive software requirements.

The solution that brought us to where we are today

In order to deliver the best possible service to our clients, we realised it was necessary to build our own, bespoke IT solution. A handful of IT developers then joined the team, and started building a tailor-made system. The system allows consultants to work exclusively online, while maintaining a high level of service.


Where we intend to go from here

“We believe that more and more people will work online in the future. We also believe that more and more people will buy services online. Therefor our goal is twofold:

  • Firstly, to offer customers high quality services, at a low price and online.        
  • Secondly, to become the preferred solution for service providers, offering them flexibility and control over their own schedules and everyday lives.

We will launch new services continuously in the years to come, whilst constantly looking for excellent people to join our team. If you would like to join us on our journey, building and offering new online services within a remote setup, we look forward to hearing from you.

Get good quality

The most suitable specialist for your assignment, is not always two streets away from where you work or live. Through our online setup, you have access to specialists from all across the country. All of our specialists undergo strict checks before they reach you as a customer. This means that all of our customers experience a high level of service, which is reflected in our customer ratings.

... at a lower price

Costs can be significantly cut by matching consultants and clients from across the country, online, while the technology handles administration. This means that we can attract the best consultants by passing on these efficiency savings in the form of better pay, whilst at the same time getting customers a lower price.